Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

I love video games. I love books. A book about video games? That sounds good to me!

I was exited when I read what this book was about. The description told me everything I needed to know about the book–I was going to love it. It had videogames (Check out my gaming blog at!), sci-fi (One of my favorite genres), and of course, since Ready Player One is a book, reading!

Ready Player One is set in a dystopian world. Some people might drop the book immediately after hearing this, because they don’t like dystopian novels. To be honest, I can’t really disagree that some dystopian books are terrible, but Ready Player One is a dystopian novel that’s really good.

The world in Ready Player One sucks. Basically all the Earth’s resources are used up, and a ton of people are hungry and homeless. But then there’s The Oasis. In the book Oasis is a groundbreaking virtual reality software that almost everyone uses. Notice my word choice: The Oasis isn’t really a game, although in The Oasis there are many planets where you can go on adventures. It is more like a virtual world, something that people use whenever they can to escape their everyday lives. The main character goes to school in The Oasis. In this world, the virtual Oasis currency is the world-wide currency. It all sounds cool, right? Yeah, but you’re forgetting that outside of The Oasis there is a dying world.

That’s where the story comes in:

When the creator of The Oasis dies, he starts a contest in which the winner inherits his immense fortune. Millions of people join the chase. The story follows Wade Watts, a teenage geek who is hopeful that he will win the contest.

This book is good through and through. The book keeps you reading, with action and suspense at every turn.Ready Player One is a must read.



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